Ever since DJ decided not to pursue a career as a Jedi (age 12), he has been drawn to making things. He is not a left or a right-brain thinker — he uses the whole thing. DJ loves spending time in both the creative and technology worlds. As the CTO of augustwenty, his ability to balance between creative and analytical thinking fits him to a T. DJ’s primary focus is shaping the technical direction and vision of augustwenty’s continued development, with particular attention between culture and growth.

DJ has spent the last (too many to mention) years using his ability to understand a business’ needs and the technology required to deliver on their opportunities. He helps narrow their focus to the most important and valuable ‘thing’, delivering value to the businesses he helps as well as the customers they serve. He has spent time working with a very large, yellow and green, tractor company… adding the ability to ‘drive themselves’. He has also spent lots of time working on building Autonomous Drive Systems (ADS) for the automotive industry. The last couple of years building a testing platform that enables software developers unfamiliar with the process of testing the interface between hardware and software to do so, quickly and efficiently.

Some notable clients include Enron, John Deere, Ford, Progressive Medical, Gordon Food Services, DriveOhio, Case New Holland, Fiat Chrysler, Alliance Data, 3M, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure/MCVP.

Outside of work, DJ can usually be found on two wheels—bicycling or motorcycling. He spends a lot of his spare time bicycling to cure cancer… Pelotonia. You can also catch him fly fishing in the great outdoors or building autonomous drones.


Find a bug or not quite sure how something works? By all means ping me on Twitter @ddaugher or email me.

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