What's Your Arrow

The story of my arrow has been a long one in the making.  My arrow is inspired by my father, who we lost 6 years ago to renal cell carcinoma.  He was a second-generation owner of the family hardware business, Daugherty Supply.  The 'store' was located in Mineral Wells, WV (just south of Parkersburg, WV).  This year, for Pelotonia 19, my jersey is custom designed by a truly amazing designer that I can call friend. His work on this project is truly inspirational. Each design element was specifically chosen for its meaning. Thank you Mattie Righter. The entire jersey is inspired by my father and his hardware store. This year I will be riding… sponsored by my Dad.  The arrow contains many of the tools found in his hardware store. His store was located near the interstate and always sported a very large ‘happy face' for the passerby... hoping to brighten their day.  If you notice, the arrow sports a 'hidden' happy face for the same reason.  Hope you enjoy!


My original “What’s your arrow” submission.

DJ Daugherty