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Marianne Tromp
Kelley McManus
Patsy Tincher
Nathaniel Bennink
Anonymous ($100)
Christoph Baker
the Neff Family
Anonymous ($100)
Matt Stepp
Ohio Honor Ride ($20)
Anonymous ($100)
Nilanjan Raychaudhuri
the Sweeney Family
The Bolins
Mo's Place
anonymous ($2000)
Rachel Haney

Michael Cibulskis
Matthew Righter
Anonymous ($100)
Coraletta & James Houck
Darcy Johnson
Anonymous ($200)
Yvette McManaway
Roseanne Gabriel
Anonymous ($100)
Anonymous ($100)
Amitai Schleier
anonymous ($200)
anonymous ($50)
Paul Beyer
Tony Brock
anonymous ($47.77)
Eric & Susie Hovest

Todd Houck
Meri and Christine Kullberg
The Tassy Family
Matt Righter
Cynthia Phillips
Gary Gentry
Anonymous ($25)
Dylan Woodruff
Linda Daugherty
Jordan S.
Kimberly Clavin
Anonymous ($25)
Nick Preston
The Kroger Company ($50)
PULLL Donation (198.03)
The Kuhn's
Andy & Tina Westfall
Rob H-M