Hello Friend,

I will be riding Pelotonia 2019, one of the largest cycling events established with the objective to fund life-saving cancer research.  Pelotonia is near to my heart... I, unfortunately, lost my father to renal cell cancer, 6 years ago. Last year, I rode in the event, completing 100 miles and raising a little over $13,000.  This year, my goal is to ride 200 miles and raise at least $10,000.

SO WHY do I want to raise $10,000? It’s simple—to find a cure for cancer. I, like you, am tired of seeing loved ones have cancer or cancer taking their life. I’m tired of hearing that another amazing human has to go through treatment after treatment and hospital visit upon hospital visit. I’m tired of hearing about wonderful people leaving this Earth way too early from this dreaded disease.

HOW will I do this? Fearlessly fundraise. Volunteer my time and energy as much as possible. Ride 200 miles to Gambier and back. Share my positivity and encouragement. Cheer on Riders. Cheer on cancer survivors. Hug their loved ones. Laugh. Cry. Smile. Share why I do this year after year. Spread the word.

FOR WHO? I fundraise, ride and volunteer for all of you. For my friends who have lost their parents way too soon. For Dudley (my Dad). For all of the people you know who have beat it, who are currently in the battle, and for those who have lost their lives.  For future generations, so they don’t have to witness what we have.

I am working towards my goal and this is where I need your help.  I would greatly appreciate your donation, even a small amount in honor of someone you know. someone that has been affected by cancer.  Unfortunately, we have all been affected in one way or another.

Thanks for your time.

Any donation helps. Pennies, dimes, dollars, benjamins ;)

With love, hugs, and green arrows,